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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey, Look! It's a New Blog Post!

I never intended to abandon this blog, although not posting anything new in almost a month certainly might cause one to wonder. Although I was hoping desperately that ending my commitment to post something new here every day would leave me with more time to do other things, it seems very much like my other responsibilities have simply absorbed most of the new spare time, instead. As some of you have already figured out, though, I have recently started being diverted by Twitter (follow me here) and Facebook (friend me here), though they provide a different, more interactive but less in-depth experience.

In years past, I've talked about bands and shows I've gone to, but that's recently taken a back seat to my busy schedule of too many tasks. I live-blogged the last show I saw, Art Brut, almost three years ago (read it here, here, and here), and I haven't made it out for live music ever since. Tonight I'm breaking that interregnum, though, with another show. Although my musical interests remain reasonably broad, it's again Art Brut that beckons. They're at the Subterranean tonight, and it will be my first time at that venue. Will I live blog it? It could happen, if I find myself with anything to say at length. But technology marches on, and I'd say it's much more likely that you'll find me on Twitter. As I've already tweeted, "I read my DC comics. I drank my chocolate milkshake. Now I'm ready to go see @EddieArgos and Art Brut with my little brother."


At 10:13 PM, August 21, 2009, Blogger Stu Shea said...

So how was Art Brut?

At 11:48 AM, August 22, 2009, Blogger Doug said...

Art Brut was fun, as always. They're getting to have enough of a backlog that you notice what they didn't play--the latest single (although a new one comes out on Monday, and they played that), their song about the Replacements, and their first single, although "Formed a Band," for all its power, certainly has the feel of a song that a band outgrows, and I suspect we'll be seeing it very rarely from here on out.


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