Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: More Tidbits

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Tidbits

Hey, it's August. That means lightweight.

It's very telling about the comics community that, in response to the statement, "We are the only industry that so loves its Colonel Parkers and so distrusts its Elvis Presleys," there's a branch of the conversation arguing that Elvis Presley wasn't all that, anyway. Tom Spurgeon made the statement in a post about recently released correspondence between Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and executives of DC Comics (you can see a summary of the documents here), and The Beat simply passed on the quote. As for me, I've got nothing to argue with Tom about.

Here's an always-timely reminder to be sure to cancel the restraining order before the wedding ceremony.

What's the etiquette on getting out of the car if Gary Numan's "Cars" comes on just as you're parking? It is, after all, where you're safest of all. Are you just tempting fate to open the door, get out, and go about the rest of your business? Just how dangerous is that?


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