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Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Baseball Blogging

Blogging from White Sox park as the Red Sox come to town. There wasn't a whole lot of action to start with, but both teams had managed to put one run on the board. And then Boston exploded in the seventh inning. Bases were loaded with no outs when Dustin Pedroia poked a single through, which brought Jacoby Ellsbury in but only moved everybody ahead one base. That kept it bases loaded and no outs with David Ortiz at the plate. Ortiz dearly wanted a grand slam. He swung on the first two pitches far to avidly if all he hoped was to make contact with the ball. Fortunately, he passed on the next couple, proving that he wasn't so desperate that he'd swing at anything. What turned out to be almost the right ball came along, and Ortiz gave it a real whack; alas, it didn't quite have the necessary distance, reaching the wall but bouncing off of it. It was good enough for a bases-clearing double, though, and the game became 5-1. I may have some pictures to add later. I'll let you know who wins.

UPDATE--The Red Sox held their lead and won 6-2. I'm working on getting a picture up, but it may be more complicated than I expected.

UPDATE 2--Photo added. Stevie T took a number of pictures, and this is pretty much the best of the choices available. Funny, but it looked a bit sharper on the small screen of his phone. Apologies to those on the RSS feed; I reposted a couple of time to get the photo placement right.


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