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Friday, August 08, 2008

You Go Through St. Louie . . .

Word is that Sir Paul is getting his kicks on Route 66. (Everybody else is using that line, and God knows I didn't want to, but it turns out that it goes against the laws of physics to avoid it.) To celebrate his 66th birthday, he's making the trek with recent romantic partner Nancy Shevell. They apparently didn't stop in at the Hard Day's Nite Bed & Breakfast, George's sister's old house (which George visited 45 years ago), but that is a fair way's south of Route 66 in Benton, Illinois. Paul and Nancy have been spotted along the Mother Road, and all the reports I've seen suggest that they've been quite friendly. One place they stopped was the Joliet Area Historical Museum, which inspired the best quote I've seen so far. Describing her surprise at seeing McCartney, one of the museum workers reportedly said, "I froze. It was like seeing Bigfoot."

Over in the Sun-Times, David Hoekstra is blogging the trip. He's got the pair spending the night in Oklahoma City on Tuesday (no offence to my pals in OKC--yes, I do have some--but I've never understood the "Route 66" song's reference to your fine town being pretty), and a commenter claims to have seen them in Amarillo on Wednesday night. Surprisingly, despite their celebrity status (but is he as big a celebrity as Barack Obama?), the two are traveling by themselves in a 1989 Bronco with no entourage and no security. He's a massive celebrity! That's admirable, I guess.


At 11:25 PM, August 08, 2008, Blogger Stevie T said...

There was a big write-up in our local paper, the Beacon News, about the stop in Joliet.... And about the Bronco, only a celebrity could afford the gas it must be guzzling.


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