Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Maybe It's Right to Be Nervous Now

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maybe It's Right to Be Nervous Now

Just because I finished one work project with a massive deadline doesn't mean there aren't others to step into the breach.

I'm finding that the whole Democratic capitulation on FISA is distressing me more than I realized. Kevin Drum a couple of days ago had a nice, readable, easily digestible explanation of what's wrong with the bill beyond telecom immunity. And over the weekend, Atrios provided a timely reminder that just because some in Congress gave a Republican president a pass over potentially impeachable offences doesn't mean that a Democratic president can expect the same treatment.

Apropos of nothing, it occurred to me tonight that Magazine is the perfect band for our times, when even a constitutional scholar is willing to make an end run around the Fourth Amendment in the name of fear and getting elected. I'm not sure whether he's accepting the fear as legitimate or just pandering to it. Shot by both sides, indeed. Howard Devoto's odd mix of paranoia and disbelief may be exactly what the zeitgeist orders 30 years after the band's debut. The conspiracy of silence ought to revolutionise my thought.


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