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Friday, April 25, 2008

Sales Announcement

If you've been saving your pennies, you may be interested in this. Comics don't come much more iconic than that. Although it's not perfect, this copy of Action Comics #1 appears to be in astonishingly good condition for a seventy-year-old comic book. And from what I can tell, this $1.1 million price tag, if it sells, would be the highest price ever paid for a comic book (by far). I've been trying to google around and find some comparisons, but either it's not covered very well or I just wasn't doing a very good job. Comics as rare as this don't often come on the market, and since the condition varies from one copy to the next, it's hard to be too precise in putting a value on such a thing. Various copies of Action Comics #1 keep pushing the value of the most expensive comic book ever. I'm having trouble finding it this morning, but I'm sure that I remember Marvel Comics #1 breaking a new record not too long ago. (This page seems to back that up, but the link it's got turns out to be a dead end.) So I'm not holding my breath on this copy of Action selling for the asking price, but it'll be big news if it does.


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