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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bits and Pieces

We went out to see a band tonight, so I'm really late in adding something new for today. The band was just a local band, and although they were mostly country, they could still mix a little Jonathan Richman and Iggy Pop into their mix of Grandpa Jones, Dan Fogelberg, Lee Hazelwood, and originals. One observer in the crowd suggested that might be because they haven't yet settled on what they want to do--that's probably correct, but it still added a breadth to the evening. But since I have music on the mind for the moment, I thought I'd offer up a couple of minor music points.

• It looks like we've missed our chance to have dueling Pink Floyds. David Gilmour, who describes himself as "The Voice and Guitar of Pink Floyd" on his Website, finished touring the States with his band in the spring. Now it's apparently Roger Waters's turn. Waters calls himself "The Creative Genius of Pink Floyd" on his Website, and he's describing the tour as "Dark Side of the Moon" live. Fans will presumably have to make their own pick as to who provides the definitive version.

• Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have apparently been bored on their current Steely Dan tour. A little while back, they sent an open letter to Luke Wilson to advise some sort of intervention for his brother over Owen's most recent film. Apparently it felt good to help a troubled young Hollywood icon, because they've just come out with some career guidance for Wes Anderson. Will Wes be astute enough to take them up on their offer to aid in his next film? If so, Mark Mothersbaugh will probably not be pleased. I'll keep an eye out for which wayward celebrity they offer a helping hand to next.


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