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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fresh Blogs

I don’t know if something’s up with Blogger, but I’ve been noticing when I’ve brought up this page lately that the computer’s bringing up a cached version rather than a freshly loaded one. I've had this happen on a couple of different computers, so I think it’s the site rather than the computer. I’ve also had it occur on some other blogs, which is why I’m speculating that it could be Blogger. A few nights ago, I wrote a little bit about the commitment I’ve made to have something new up every day. If you’re seeing a post up top that’s been there for a day or two, chances are it’s a cached page rather than a new one. Although I’ve been pretty good about it for the last few days, I won’t necessarily promise to have a new post every morning, so the latest post might be dated from the day before, but it shouldn’t be over two days old.

UPDATE--I only posted this about 15 minutes ago, but I'm updating already. Atrios mentioned this yesterday, and he says it's a problem with Firefox. Has anybody noticed it with any other browsers?


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