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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's Quigley

Mike Quigley took the Democratic nomination in the Illinois Fifth Congressional District special election to replace Rahm Emanuel. His 11,910 votes (with 99 percent of precincts reporting) made up 22 percent of the Democratic vote. (Rahm had 170,728 votes in November, which made up 74 percent of the total 230,892 votes.) Quigley appears likely to go up against Republican Rosanna Pulido (who received 979 votes--also with 99 percent of precincts) and Mathew Reichel, who pulled in 34 percent of the 486 votes in the Green party platform (that's 165 votes in all). Quigley appears to be the guy to beat in the April 7 general election. It'll be anticlimactic when that vote actually takes place.

UPDATE--I was more tired than I realized last night and didn't really provide anything but vote totals. Mike Quigley, in case you're interested, is a Cook County commissioner, so he's been all about the local politics. For further information, here's his Web site for Cook County, and this is his Congressional campaign page.

Also, I was apparently too quick in calling the Green party winner last night. Reichel has his 165 votes, but opponent Deb Gordils is holding on to 32 percent of the vote, or 154. With seven precincts still waiting to report, Gordils needs an average of less than two more votes in each (although more than 1.5 votes in each) to take the whole enchilada. Keep watching!


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