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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bus Blogging

I wish I could tell you why, every single time I get on a bus that has a choice of seats, I inevitably gravitate to the seat over the wheel. Without fail. I did it today, but after a few stops, I had to get up to move. There'd been a woman nearby who was rather loudly talking on the phone, and she may have thought I was moving away from her, but I was actually sorry that I couldn't continue listening to her. She was complaining about someone she knew having trouble in the Hollywood TV industry. "It's not fair," she said, "that some people become stars on shows and then they just go on to the next series to be stars again. But David never wanted that." It's certainly true that some people seem to settle into TV on a number of roles, but there are plenty of people who shoot up to TV stardom in one role and then disappear. And then there are others who make random appearances on random shows but are never able to make a career of it. I'm not sure that fairness ever enters into the equation. Anyway, I was disappointed to move farther away without getting a chance to figure out who David might be. The most info I got was that he's 21 but plays a teenager in whatever show he's in. I know, that really narrows it down.

All that to finally get around to the subject that made me pull my Blackberry out in the first place. A woman, in what I'd guess to be her late 20s got on the bus and pulled out her copy of Watchmen. I know that comics and graphic novels are more socially accepted than they once were, but I guess I'm still not used to actually seeing that play out. So now I'm curious--who else is seeing Watchmen in unexpected places or contexts?


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