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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Forever Young

I never thought that baby boomers weren't vain, but we may be starting to get ridiculous. Tonight we were in the grocery store and found a great new product that will help all of us hold on to their youth for just a bit longer. We've already had age-defying make up from Revlon, but your face isn't the only thing that can reveal what the years have done. Have you ever thought about your teeth? No, neither had I. But fortunately, the good folks at Arm & Hammer have. They've introduced new age-defying toothpaste. The enamel of our teeth has eroded away, and what's left of it tends to get discolored--Arm & Hammer claim that their formula can rebuild it (we have the technology). If you click through, Arm & Hammer are even offering a coupon for a dollar off! If you can't turn the years around, at least now you can keep your teeth youthful and beautiful.

Speaking of keeping yourself youthful, make sure you get enough sleep tonight. I'm going around in a couple of minutes to turn my clocks back. They always say that we lose an hour of sleep tonight, but not me. I sleep until I wake up on Sundays. "Spring forward" just means that I wake up an hour later than I would have otherwise. Good night!


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