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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Hockey

Tomorrow brings the NHL Winter Classic, coming this year from Wrigley Field. This is a wonderful idea, playing professional hockey outdoors, just like when it started. Kids playing in the street or on ponds when they were frozen is how a love of the game begins. Tomorrow's match-up is between two of the original six, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. Playing in the cold brings a whole other flavor to the game, and you never know how it might affect the players or the action. Wrigley Field is also a fabulous venue, and I'm sure a hockey rink looks great from the stands.

This event has really captured the imagination of Chicago, and if nothing else, it's certainly worked as a PR stunt, bringing much needed positive attention to the Blackhawks. Maybe some of the people looking in will actually start attending games at the United Center.

Providing an inside look at how the rink at Wrigley came together, as well as a few other fascinating tidbits, was Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk pal Stuart Shea, on special assignment for Here are a couple of his articles. Head over to the Winter Classic site to find some more.


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