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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A More Substantial Peak Behind the Curtain

This was an interesting video that's been making the rounds of pretty much everybody today. Chuck Todd was talking with Republican consultants Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, and the conversation continued into the commercial break, at which time both party apparatchiks and the TV newsman expressed their dismay over McCain's VP pick. Although Noonan appears to suggest that McCain's candidacy is "over," she insists she meant something else.

There are a couple of odd things about this. To begin with, although it on the surface it's set up to seem that the conversation continued directly from the on-air segment, on a closer listen, it appears to have been cut. Oddly, Noonan started to talk while Todd was still throwing to commercial. Did she want to bring attention to herself? I've done very little TV, but even I know that if you don't have the floor, you keep your mouth shut until the broadcast is clear. That's a whole different issue from saying what you shouldn't into an open mike you thought had been turned off (which can happen to anyone, honestly, so I don't really fault them for that). You don't talk over the host! But whatever Noonan was starting to say seems to have been cut off, and the part that was "accidentally" recorded begins with what sounds like Mike Murphy finishing a point. Is there some missing content? Would that change the context of what we actually can hear?

It's no secret why this material would have resonance among Eastern Blogsylvania: It presents connected Republicans who are as nonplussed by McCain's decision as the rest of us are. Even if Noonan will not stand behind the position that the Republican ticket is over, she does explain why the Palin pick won't do it any favors. A voice of reason--even from her--is always welcome.


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