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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wizard World Wrap

Yeah, well. Whatever.

I had a lot going this weekend, and I wasn't able to focus as much on the Wizard World comics convention as I have in years past. I was there for roughly the last half hour on Thursday, nothing on Friday, about two hours on Saturday, and a full three hours on Sunday. Each of these times were at the end of the day--attendance seemed down to me from last year, but the times I was there may not have been the best for an accurate reading. My own enthusiasm may have been low, as well, and that's not fair to blame on the show, either (though a really good show can generate its own enthusiasm). I didn't make it all the way around the show floor; I saw most of the exhibit area, but I didn't stop at all the booths I should have; I only saw some of the dealer floor; and I hung at a couple of artist tables. Maybe there was a lot of fascinating merchandise or creative material to be found, but nothing reached out to me that I desperately needed to buy. I did wander by the Admiral Theater booth just to see what kind of display a strip club would set up at a comics show, but if you didn't already know that's what you were looking at, there was nothing overly obvious to tip you off. Todd has a picture of the booth, and Rich has a snap of one of the girls "manning" the booth. I saw more skin on some of the attendees in costume.

Meanwhile, it seems that Dustin had a more profitable experience at the con.

UPDATE--In fact, Dustin had an even better con than that suggested. Here's another link I couldn't find last night.


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