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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Endgame

Now, here's good news. There seems to be some sort of end planned for the Hillary campaign. I've been annoyed by Hillary and her campaign from time to time, but for the most part, I've got no problem. Had she won the nomination, I could've gotten behind her candidacy. The issue I had with last night's non-concession concession speech is that it gets in the way of party unity. If we're going to "heal the party," it's kind of hard to do that while the party's remaining divided. I suspect that's a lot of what Hillary heard today as she was considering her future. Hilary Rosen wrote that Clinton's response last night "left her supporters empty, Obama's angry, and party leaders trashing her." Rahm Emanuel, who worked as part of the Clinton administration, came out in support of Obama after charting a middle road throughout the primaries. And New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, who's been a staunch Clinton superdelegate all along, probably summed up the issue better than anybody.

We pledged to support her to the end. Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.

Now we know when the end is. And that's good for everybody.


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