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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Are We Almost Done, Then?

The Rules and Bylaws Committee (that's the RBC you've probably been hearing about) of the Democratic National Committee met today to work out some sort of compromise for Florida and Michigan. What they arrived at seems to have made the Florida and Michigan delegations happy, the Obama camp seems to have something it can live with, and the Hillary people are hugely upset. Delegates from both states will get half a vote each. Florida got a breakdown that pretty much matches the vote, but Michigan was a bit weirder. Obama wasn't on the ballot (because earlier on, the Democratic National Committee disallowed the Michigan premature primary, and several candidates--not Hillary, though--withdrew their names), so, obviously, he got no votes. Hillary got a lot of votes there. Hillary didn't want to give up her votes, however Stalinist the process of getting them had been, so when she had to, her supporters weren't too thrilled. Will they be "not thrilled" enough to affect the November election? Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake has video of a couple of disgruntled Hillary supporters. Some reports said that there weren't that many protesters present--less than 500, even when you put the Obama supporters and Hillary supporters together. Are these enough to affect anything? Do they speak for even more people? Will Hillary take it to the convention?

Although Hillary and her supporters are still making plenty of noise, I'm not sure they're really affecting anything anymore. Apparently the new number of delegates necessary is 2118, and Obama's not far from that. The Puerto Rico primary is tomorrow (actually, looking at the clock, today.) The last primaries are on Tuesday in South Dakota and Montana. I suspect things will calm down once everybody gets used to the idea that it didn't work out for Hillary, but it'll be interesting to see whether a contingent of McCain Democrats develops.

[UPDATE--Whoops! I've fixed a link above to one of Jane Hamsher's videos that I somehow got wrong at 4:00 in the morning (here it is again in case you don't want to dig it out of the post). This one has a Hillary supporter vowing to vote for McCain in November, which is pretty much the entire justification for the "McCain Democrats" comment at the end. What an inauspicious start for my first post linked by Pajamas Media.]


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