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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Presidential Updates

Is the Prez annoyed that we're having an election without him? I don't know whether it's a plot or all just a big coincidence. On Tuesday, of course, as part of a wide-ranging interview with Politico, he pointed out that he's given up golf in solidarity with the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. This has been pretty well covered, so I don't really have anything to add, except to also point out VetVoice, which points out that the no-golf sacrifice coincides with the Prez's knee damage. Well, if he's not going to play golf anyway, he may as well spin it as his contribution to the war effort.

But that, apparently wasn't enough. No, today he went to the Knesset to congratulate Israel on it's 60th anniversary and compare Obama to Nazi appeasers. He always knows the right sentiments for any occasion. There's plenty of discussion on the various blogs about that, too, but Joe Biden's response was particularly entertaining.

In a nice surprise, Chris Matthews even provided some must-see TV. Some LA rightwing radio talker was going on and on about Obama being an "appeaser," but Matthews calls him on it and asks him to identify precisely what Neville Chamberlain did that was so wrong. When he can't provide the answer, Matthews won't let it go and starts browbeating him. It's well worth the click through. Don't be surprised if you find yourself actually cheering Matthews on.


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