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Friday, May 09, 2008

Lilac Time

Here's another Chicago-centric post. We're smack in the middle of Lilac Time down in Lombard. The lilacs are in bloom (actually, they're in full bloom, if you believe the Bloom-o-Meter), and you don't find many more lilacs all in one place than they've got in Lilacia Park. We went down to look around a couple of years ago, and the park is beautiful, but if you're interested in going even deeper into the full lilac experience, they've got a couple of weeks worth of activities. Tonight is the Lilac Ball at the Carlisle, but wouldn't you know it, my tux is at the cleaners. They've also got concerts, a pancake breakfast, beer and wine tastings (though not at the pancake breakfast, I presume), and the whole thing wraps up next weekend with the Lilac Parade.

I couldn't find any mention of this online during a quick search, so I can't guarantee that it's still available, but when we were there in a previous Lilac Time, we went to a Dairy Queen a block or so from the park and got lilac-dipped ice cream cones. I can't imagine that if you're Dairy Queen this is the kind of thing you'd stop doing, especially during Lilac Time, but as I said, I can't be sure. Be that as it may, for anyone who believes there is no such thing as too many lilacs, here's your opportunity to test your theory.


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