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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nothing Much, Really

So, did anybody get caught by a good April Fools joke yesterday? The title of my post yesterday wasn't one. Although I didn't spell it out directly, though, that discussion about too much anti-Hillary commentary and not enough pro-Obama would serve as a good jumping-off point for elaborating on the virtues of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate. I'm a bit concerned that the comments section remains empty.

Amanda Marcotte from Pendagon has a new book out, It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments. It features an old-time Marvel Comics (oops--sorry, it was still Atlas back then) character, Lorna the Jungle Girl. As I type this, the Grand Comic Book Database suggests that Lorna hasn't actually appeared in her own story in the last fifty years, but according to Don Markstein, it doesn't seem likely. Markstein also says that Lorna was cocreated by artist Werner Roth. It looks like Roth's art could be gracing Marcotte's cover, but jungle girls don't exactly fall into the realm of my comics expertise. The credits on the copyright page simply identify Lorna the Jungle Girl and Marvel Comics. Apparently there are illustrations inside the book, too.

Thanks to CG for pointing out the fact that the parachute found in Washington state last month did not belong to hijacker D. B. Cooper. Instead, it may be tied to an air crash from just after World War II. Of course, had you yesterday called the man who originally packed Cooper's chute, Earl Cossey, he would've told you that he'd confirmed that the chute was indeed Cooper's. A couple of Web sites ran with that information until they noticed the date on the calendar.


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