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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Free Radicals

For readers in the Greater Chicagoland area (I love writing Chicagoland--it sounds like it comes from a fairy tale--once upon a time, in a Chicagoland far, far away . . .), you should come see Free Radicals, a world-premiere play by Brenda Kilianski from Stockyards Theatre Project.

A child of the '60s, now in her sixties--an ex-radical just released from a long-term prison stint--finds herself incarcerated once again, this time by the adult daughter of one of her victims. Lydia Carmichael is about to find out if she faces even further consequences when she's held hostage by Nancy Ormsby, a woman whose mother was killed in a botched robbery involving the once-privileged Barnard coed 30 years earlier.

Free Radicals is playing at North Lakeside Cultural Center, which is at 6219 North Sheridan Road in Chicago, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights through April 25. It's also got special performances on two Tuesdays, April 1 and April 8, and Sunday, April 6. You can make a reservation at 773-936-7896.

(Full disclosure: Mrs. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk is managing director of Stockyards and I'm on the board of directors, so yes, this is a plug.)

We hope to see you there!


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