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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Does Hillary Have a Future Writing Thrillers?

Although I'll admit that I've been edging toward Obama, I've got no desire to come on here and beat up on Hillary. But then, why does she keep making herself such an easy target?

I can't say that I fully understand the whole rigmarole around Hillary's claims of facing down danger in Tuzla. Although the big claims came on St. Patrick's Day, the danger in which she put herself by traveling to the world's hot spots had been simmering among her comments for a while. That was the whole basis for her claim that only she and John McCain had the proper preparation to be Commander-in-Chief. She was talking about her harrowing landing in Iowa way back in December. There was no reason for Mary Ann Akers to have even talked to Sinbad about his experience traveling with the First Lady.

Sure, it makes a certain kind of sense to fire back when under attack. If the Tuzla airport is brought into question, why wouldn't we expect Hillary to defend herself? But was it really wise to embellish? All of a sudden, the threat of sniper fire turned into actually ducking fire and rushing from the airplane to the vehicles with heads covered. But not only did she assert this, she Did she think no one would look into it? Certainly, it was a dozen years ago, but there would've been contemporaneous reports . . . and it didn't take long before they started to circulate.

So now that her obvious exaggerations have been exposed? There's a simple explanation. She "misspoke." Yeah, clearly. We're all aware of that. It was a huge mistake to make such statements about a subject that could be checked so easily. But that doesn't really start to explain why she made this mistake. Does she truly believe that what she said was true? Newsweek speculates about that. Surely she didn't think she could get away with it. But then even later, the real culprit was revealed. Hillary isn't getting enough sleep. She's just overtired. As someone whose fingers hit the wrong keys when blogging in the middle of the night, I can understand being sleep deprived. Now that I know that's a viable excuse, I'll warn you only once: Watch for more fabrications on this blog from now on.


At 5:46 PM, March 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that when Hilary said "misspoke" she meant "miscalculated." I think the Clintons are in desperation mode now. I think they want to throw out everything they can think of and hope they'll hit on something that sticks. In this case, though, they needed to consider the risks. They were probably thinking that this would either "stick" or it would go away. The fact that is has stuck to the wrong person probably wasn't part of their equation going in. Desperation is not a pretty thing to watch, and this incident appears to be one more log on Hilary's funeral pyre. I take no pleasure in saying that; heck, I could have voted for her, but this is where we seem to be headed.


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