Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Quick Con Update

Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick Con Update

This is just a quick post as I get ready to go home after Day 1 of Wizard World. I don't know how Wizard will end up spinning this, but from all appearances, attendence is way, way down from previous years. There are huge swaths of open space in the dealer areas that one can only assume is due to dealers who just didn't come this year. I'm not sure whether I mentioned this last night or not, but last year there was an overflow area for artists' tables, but that's gone this year, as well. The aisles on the floor, which in the past have been jammed, are incredibly spacious this year. It feels like maybe the booths are farther apart than they've been in the past, but that seems unlikely. It must just be the lack of people. Saturday's usually the biggest day of the con, so it's premature to come to any final judgments on attendence, but they'll have to have a big couple of days to make up for the lackluster today.


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