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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mixing Media

I'm way behind on this. Eddie Argos had this picture on his blog back in February, and Art Brut announced it on their page a week before that. Jeff Lemire posted it last week, on both his blog and the Standard Attrition group blog. Heidi MacDonald picked it up from there. And now I'm mentioning it.

I have to admit that Jeff Lemire and Eddie Argos/Art Brut aren't the most obvious team-up, but it's not that surprising. Argos is already on the record about being in love with Lemire's Essex County trilogy (even though he's admitted that hockey and farming are not what draw him to read comics), having praised it up and down in his sometimes comics review column that I've mentioned before. He even told The Daily Cross Hatch that he wanted to write the soundtrack for an Essex County movie (no, there's no actual Essex County movie underway that I've ever heard). Although Art Brut was nothing close to the music going through my mind when I read those books, I've got to appreciate the enthusiasm. On the other hand, I've also noted my appreciation for Lemire and his work, so I'm glad to see him get the recognition and acclaim.

Art Brut vs. Satan is out on April 21, too late for Record Store Day, but buy it from your local record store (if you still have one) anyway. Aside from the lovely Jeff Lemire cover, you'll get a record produced by Frank Black/Black Francis/that guy from Pixies and featuring a song called "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake." Take a look at the video for the first single, "Alcoholics Unanimous," at the Art Brut announcement page. It's got that old Art Brut joie de vivre and bodes well for the album.


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