Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Con<i>what</i>er?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've been checking the computer tonight in advance of the big Conficker attack on April 1. (Surely some newscaster somewhere has mispronounced that word--who's got the video?) I was able to access the Web sites of McAfee and Symantec, which are supposed to be off limits to infected computers, so I guess I'm OK. Of course, nobody knows what it might do if it's indeed activated on April 1. It's actually not too bad an April Fools' prank to make the whole world quiver over what damage might occur and then have nothing happen--would that mean that Conficker was never a danger, or is it just waiting until a day when no one's watching to go crazy. CNET is live-blogging the day as midnight progresses across the globe, promising that it will be "updated continually," but as of this writing, we're going on three hours since the last update, which basically said nothing much seems to be happening. My favorite headline on the issue comes from a Washington Post blog on Friday: "Conficker: Doomsday, or the World's Longest Rickroll?" I guess we'll find out soon.


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