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Saturday, March 28, 2009

About the Weather

For anybody who thinks that the equinox earlier this week has any bearing on it actually being spring, just watch out for the accumulating snow we're supposed to be getting over the weekend. But that would still be preferable to what Fargo, North Dakota is going through at the moment. The Red River is reaching record heights--even higher than expected--and the sandbags may or may not be stacked high enough. It looks like there'll be no John Wayne, Montgomery Clift (hey, where did I see that guy?), or even Frances McDormand to ride to the rescue this time. If the cresting river itself weren't enough of a problem, the temperature in Fargo is far below zero, so the sandbags being used to prevent flooding are freezing instead. One official compared them to frozen turkeys--not the most effective tool to be deflecting water.

There's talk now that the river will wait until Sunday to crest. Although this gives more time for Fargo to prepare, I'm not sure what more they can do. And once the river crests, the National Weather Service says that the water won't start receding for about a week. Residents along the Red River still have a ways to go before anything starts getting back to something like normal. Keep watching the news to see how it all develops.


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