Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Invoking Great Men of the Twentieth Century

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Invoking Great Men of the Twentieth Century

As I mentioned the other night, Blago's really turning up the entertainment factor these days. Can he possibly give us his own take on the We won't have him to kick around anymore line? He certainly seems to be working on it.

Last night I was thinking about what possible strategy he could have going into his impeachment. By not even showing up to present a defense at his trial in the Illinois Senate, he seems to be adopting some sort of Gandhian nonresistance tactic. Gandhi certainly had good ideas--when an overclass, or bullies of any sort, really, attack people without provocation, the injustice of the attack can be illuminated when the victim refuses to fight back. That idea was used to very great effect in colonial India and in the U.S. Civil Eights movement. If that's what Blago was thinking, I wasn't sure it would be particularly effective given his circumstances, but sure enough, there he was this morning on the Today Show comparing himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela. I'm not sure that he really has anything much in common with any of them, but somebody should point out to the governor that each of those people were fighting for some larger cause, some greater good. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for something better. But what is Rod Blagojevich's beyond . . . well, Rod Blagojevich? Even if he's willing to allow himself to be martyred for the cause, what does he actually get out of it? How does that work in his benefit? Maybe he'll explain all on The View. (Actually, I wonder what he's even thinking in going on The View? Is he expecting allies there? As highly publicized as the differences between the various personalities on that show have been, Blago might just be the one thing that brings them together.)


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