Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Wrappin' It Up

Friday, November 07, 2008

Wrappin' It Up

Besides anything that might've been going on in the world this week, I've been on deadline at work (and still am), and I'm spent. So Mrs. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk offers up this for the cause:

Election fever is finally on ice.
The Republicans paid a big price.
Spending millions for nothin'
On Palin's huffin' and puffin'
Off to Alaska they'll pack Bible Spice.

Feel free to contribute your own verse in the comments.


At 11:38 PM, November 07, 2008, Anonymous Doug said...

Chuck, where are you? I never thought you'd be able to pass up an invitation like that.

At 12:34 PM, November 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had to post this anonymously, as I can't seem to post it under my LiveJournal name, but this is Chuck!

There was a young lady named Palin
Who said as her chances were failin':
"I can't make any sense
of this turn of events,
After all, they once voted Dan Quayle in!"

At 7:33 PM, November 11, 2008, Anonymous Doug said...

I knew you were out there somewhere, Chuck!


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