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Sunday, November 30, 2008

You Never Miss It Until It's Gone

With the holiday and all, I haven't been reading as widely as I usually do. Thus, I missed a recent post from Don Byrd. I don't know which newspapers publish columns by Chuck Norris, but apparently he had one earlier this week worrying about the future state of Thanksgiving. Issues with my Blackberry, unfortunately, are preventing me from going into more detail myself (I've already lost most of this post once), so I'll just let Don explain:

This past week, a Newsweek/Washington Post editorial labeled presidential Thanksgiving Day proclamations as "cracks in the wall of separation." The author explained, "The problem with these proclamations, it seems to me, is that they pave the way for public acceptance of gross violations of the constitutional separation of church and state." What?!

Pow! A right cross to the kisser! Exploding indignation like that is the rhetorical jujitsu we most associate with Norris - followed closely by his constant reminders that Thomas Jefferson worshipped in the Capitol building, thereby negating the pesky "wall of separation" as something the Founder didn't really mean. They're both effective punches, delivered here with a righteous fury. ("What?!") I mean, he's right. How could the editorial board of the Post print such a thing? ...!

Of course, one small problem, the piece he is quoting was not a "Washington Post editorial" at all, but an online response by author Susan Jacoby to a panel question about whether presidential proclamations of prayer and Thanksgiving are appropriate. But facts are for pansies! Not for roundhouse-wielding protectors of the Judeo-Christian tradition like Chuck Norris! Not when evildoers like the Washington Post must be knocked down!

Go read Don's whole post. And if you're up for it, check out Norris in his entirety and have fun knocking down his arguments yourself.

UPDATE--Wow. All this Blackberry blogging knocked me off balance more than I realized. I didn't even put a headline on this post. No one contacted me to comment, though, so maybe had I not added it now, no one would've ever known.


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