Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: <i>Dark Knight</i> Plusses and Minuses

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dark Knight Plusses and Minuses

I didn't mention it when it happened, but I guess I should note it before the news is too stale. The Dark Knight lost its perch on top of the box office this past weekend, but it passed Star Wars as the number two domestic box office draw of all time. Tropic Thunder took the top spot, and I apparently didn't know what I was thinking when I missed it on the upcoming releases list (or--even worse--saw it there and didn't recognize its potency). I picked Star Wars: The Clone Wars as the film that would topple The Dark Knight, but apparently I temporarily forgot that the genius behind Star Wars was also responsible for The Star Wars Holiday Special. Matt Yglesias even links to someone who moved from assuming they didn't want to see Clone Wars to, upon hearing some of the reviews, is actively working to avoid it. I guess it won't be a threat.

Dark Knight, of course, will continue to remain in circulation and expand on its profits. Its second-place status is for domestic features, however, and not worldwide grosses--it's number 19 on that list, closing in on Independence Day--and certainly not on the list that's adjusted for inflation--it's only number 39, behind Beverly Hills Cop, there.


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