Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death: Gregg Was Too Bipartisan (Postpartisan?)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gregg Was Too Bipartisan (Postpartisan?)

I'm not sure that Judd Gregg's withdrawal from Commerce will really have legs to speak of, but the downside to that is the reality that his "I changed my mind" will not get any deep examination. The other night, I snarked about Gregg's words when he accepted the nomination, arguing that he apparently now felt it was a time for partisanship, for standing in our ideological corners and shouting at each other. What it was not a time for, if we follow his logic a little bit further, was governing, and governing well. I believed at the time that I was going a little over the top (but what are blogs for, after all), but that it was as good an explanation as I had. Andrew Sullivan had a handful of posts a few days ago that fleshed this idea, the most pointed being "The GOP Has Declared War On Obama." His fellow Republicans pressured Gregg to welsh on his offer to join the Obama administration, because there will be no cooperation. But fortunately, Gregg held on to his sense of humor about the whole thing. Thanks to the GOP leaning on him and making his decisions for him, Gregg claims he'll be able to remain his "own man."


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