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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Senate Action

Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty on all seven counts of his indictment. Although the trial revolved around gifts and services he received from various sources, the actual lawbreaking was his lying about them on his Senate financial disclosure forms. Which is a lesson to us all not to misrepresent ourselves on official forms. Stevens, of course, is up for reelection for his eighth Senate term, but that may have become a bit more difficult as a result of today's development. Of course, it's also possible that it may not. Although she claims the reputation of going after Alaska's old boy's club, Sarah Palin has worked closely with Stevens and called today "a sad day for Alaska and for Senator Stevens and his family." If Stevens is reelected, he probably won't be forced to give up his Senate seat before all of his various appeals are exhausted. Now that he's been found guilty, will he be forced to switch out his lucky Hulk tie for lovely Abomination neckware?

Is Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell really having to fight to keep his Kentucky Senate seat? That's what some are saying. Bruce Lundsford is apparently giving him a run for his money, and that's certainly welcome to see. Any insight from readers who happen to be on the ground in Kentucky is certainly more than welcome.

This isn't exactly under the subject of hot senate action, but North Carolina readers should watch their step if they want to vote a straight ticket. The New York Times tells us that North Carolina ballots require a specific vote for a presidential candidate even if the voter wants to vote just Democratic or Republican. Anything that makes voting more difficult undermines the system. But who would ever want to do that?


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