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Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Venues

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk was involved in making a 48-hour film. Earlier this evening, awards for the Chicago-based films were given out. I'm not particularly interested in getting into the details of all that (although for those following at home, Mrs. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk's film won for Best Director), but I was very enamored of the location where the films nominated for awards were shown: The Portage Theater.

What a fabulous place! It's an old-time movie palace, celebrating the theater's 82nd year in business. According to the theater's Web site, it seats almost 2,000 people. But then the questions start--how can it possibly be close to breaking even? Tonight's event had 300, maybe 400 people, and we barely put a dent into the seating. A space of that size must be hugely expensive to light and cool (or heat, depending on what time of year you're there). My suggestion is that perhaps there's city money coming in to allow the use of the theater for community events. The Web site says that the Portage is the new home of the Silent Film Society of Chicago, but they can't provide enough funding for the whole place.

Regardless of how the theater pays for itself, it's great to be aware of a new one, particularly one that plays so many older movies. We'll definitely be going back to visit the Portage again.


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